ANZAC Day Regatta – start times

Start times for classic yachts

12.55  warning signal

12.56  blue peter raised

12.59  blue peter lowered

13.00  start number  #1   frances   (a board with numeral 1 will be displayed at 12.59, and lowered at 13.00, which is the start time for the first yacht, frances).  All successive yachts’  numerals will be similarly displayed one minute before their start time, e.g. For jonquil’s start, numeral 2 will be displayed at 13.05, and she should start at 13.06.

13.06  start number  #2  Jonquil

13.10  start number  #3   Corona

13.13   start number #4  Aramoana

13.14  start number   #5  Aotearoa

13.16  start number  #6  Katrina 11

13.20  start number #7  Little Jim and Rainbow

13.25  start number #8  Princess

13.30  start number #9  Innismara

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