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    Tim Dare


    I own Valeta.  As many will know, the Val boats were  designed by Col Wild in the late 1930s, though few (perhaps none0 were built before the end of the WWII.  Valeta was built by Owen Woolley, I think around 1952.  (I once met John Malthouse while tied up on X Pier who said he worked on her as an apprentice).  I have owned her since 2004.  I’ve just started the process of having her registered and have had a note from Yachting NZ saying that they already have a Col Wild designed 8.5m yacht registered in their system, with the sail number 440.  They are wondering if that could be Valeta.   Previous owners of  the boat with said number 440, they say, have included Mr H Gray and M Barrie, both from Auckland.

    I assume there are a few 8-9m Col Wild designed yachts around: there were about a dozen Val boats, so it doesn’t seem safe to assume 440 is Valeta.  I don’t know much about here history.  I bought her off a Mark Freeman, who I think had only had her for two or three years.

    My immediate questions are whether anyone knows the boat with sail number 440, or knows or knew Mr Gray or Barrie and what boat they owned?  (Since I know who has owned Valeta since about 2000, if ‘440’ has been about since then, it must be another boat).

    In case it helps, I’m pretty sure Valeta has never had a name change.

    More generally, I’m interested in the history of Valeta.



    Tim Dare

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    Deacon Blues

    The Wild designed Val class sloop Valeta was built by Owen Woolley and launched in 1956. She was registered as E-40.

    Her registered dimension were
    28’x 22’x 8’x 4’3″, 203 sqft sloop, 1 ton outside ballast, ford 10, 1956.

    Around 1962 she was registered to F.W. Jenkins.

    When national registration came into force in 1969/70, Valeta was registered as 440.

    F.W. Jenkins was still listed as her owner as late as 1989. In 1992 she was registered to H.H. Gray but by 1999 was had no known owners..

    Although she may have been registered since then, YNZ have published no owners since H.H. Gray.

    I last saw her on the hard at Okahu Bay in 2003.

    If you have the Valeta, the Val class, your number is/was 440 as per the YNZ registration list.




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