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    Myself and my partner have no experience in Yaching what so ever and we are two minds wether to buy a yacht large enough to life in and sail to where ever we like.

    Can it be done and any tips on the right sort. ?

    We are both 50 next year 😁

    Thanks for any response

    Dai and Ange



    The short answer is, “Yes of course you can; BUT you need to work out what you priorities are and be prepared to develop a level of understanding that will keep you safe and in your case, as you are going to live on board, comfortable.

    Give me a call on 021 995 754 if you want to pursue the conversation further and we can arrange to meet.


    Chad Thompson



    Hi Chad and thanks so much for a reply.
    We really have no idea as to what size bout would be best ? We would prefer a yacht for the economy side. It’s not this or next year project it’s an idea for our retirement. So we are thinking a long way ahead, while we are fit and able we are travelling but then we want to see things from another angle at sea.
    Do you think it’s a god idea at such a late age at retirement ?
    Sorry I would ring but this phone is playing up so message or e mail works.
    Keep in touch great to chat and thanks again
    Dai & Ange Papamoa πŸ‘




    Hi Dai. Hi Ange.

    It’s a topic that will at some stage take a great deal of talking around, but suffice to say, especially if you are not planing on getting into boating until much later in life, you would be better off to buy a launch to minimise the steepness of the learning curve.
    As far as size goes, and again especially if you are going to live permanently on board, buy as big as you you can afford, but at least 45′ or longer.
    Do give me a call some time and we can have a good chin wag.
    Kind regards,
    021 995 754



    It is gonna be something completely new and it is gonna take time to get used to. You need to learn lot of stuff to be safe on board but you can definitely live happily on your yacht. Well at least as long as it is not this one. Then you can have a hard time keep living in general. πŸ˜€

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