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    phil taylor

    Hi there, I have a kauri carvel planked Matangi around 31′ 6″ LWL with a BMC Commodore 34 @ 2000rpm driving a 19 x 19″ prop through a 2:1 reduction i.e. 1000rpm at the prop.

    The originals appear to have run 17 x 11″ with 33hp

    A couple of people have mentioned that she’s massively “over propped” and I’d like to know any other’s fitment if possible.





    Hi Phil

    Free advice on propellor size is worth what you paid, zilch, and will almost certainly cost you long term far more than getting proper professional advice in the first pace. I can never understand why people do it.

    Do yourself a major favour and go see Mark Power at Henley’s, pay him a modest fee and you’ll get back a professional report, specific to your boat, engine, horsepower, gearbox ratio and the other variables. Mark’s one of the best people in NZ at this.

    And I have no financial (or otherwise) interest in Mark or Henley’s.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 4 (of 3 total)

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