Kauri Ply Clinker-Built Sailing Dinghy/Tender

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Classic design kauri plywood clinker-built dinghy. Sail/row/outboard motor. LOA 3 metres. Comes with oars, centreboard, pop-up rudder and bolt-on fore and aft sailing seat but has no mast, boom or sail. It would not take much effort or expense to get it in sailing trim. Built to a very high standard (by Merv Sephonte according to the Whangateau Classic Boating Assn), every effort has been made to keep weight to a minimum (see photos of athwartships seats). Weighs only 53 kg despite having the appearance of a classic clinker-built tender. It is therefore easily carried by 2 people and would make an ideal tender for a classic launch or yacht. Recently re-painted and varnished.

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236 Beach Haven Rd, Beach Haven Auckland 0626Auckland,North Island,0626 021 068 0064 markbell@xtra.co.nz

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