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Gallina is offered for sail because I am just not using her and need the space in the mancave. She was built by Fred Dobby (who built many) in 1938 and sold to Harry Kingham who rigged her. He raced her in the Sanders Cup on many occasions and she was last heard of racing in Evans Bay YC in 1947. It’s all in The book.

I have no history of her since then except she was kept ashore in Dunedin for a long time and used as a static exhibit. I bought her from Dunedin 12+ years back. I have had John Rea replace two planks repaired numerous ribs (I was the dolly hand and had the aches for some days to prove it.) and new very stylish floorboards. There are new sails (mitre cut gib) and two runs of reefing points as befits my seniority. The rig is good but the running rigging and backstays need setting up with blocks etc. Deck needs attention in places, inside needs a paint otherwise excellent original condition. Light road trailer included.

In the centenary of the Sanders Cup, she deserves to be campaigned once more.

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