Members’ Night June 7, 2023

You are all welcome to join us on Wednesday 7 June, 7.00pm in the Commodore’s Room at the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron for another really interesting Members’ Night.

Commander Larry Robbins, Royal NZ Navy Hydrographer (retd) will be taking us back in time to the era of Capt James Cook.

‘James Cook SNLR – taking Captain Cook off the charts’

In 1773 during a lay-over in Dusky Sound, James Cook and his men surveyed Pickersgill Harbour in Fiordland.

His plan of the harbour was reproduced as an inset on various charts of the area until the 1990’s. It is believed that this was the last part of any navigational chart in current use that carried a portion directly attributed to Cook.

While in command of HMNZS MONOWAI in 1994/95, Commander Larry Robbins was tasked with re-surveying the area.

The RNZN went to unusual lengths to retain Cook’s original chartlet when the new chart of the area was published from MONOWAI’s work.

(BTW, you might like to schedule this monthly event – the first Wednesday of the month – in your diary for the year. We always have interesting speakers and it’s a great chance to get to know other enthusiastic members.)

And why not try out the delicious new Winter Menu available in the Members Bar beforehand:

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