Auckland to Tauranga Centennial Race….coming up in 2021

Classic Launch in the Waitemata Harbour

There has been quite a bit of interest from our CYA yachts and launches in accepting the warm invitation offered by the Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club to participate in their race and Centennial Celebrations over Easter 2-5 April next year.

A very ‘special’ Centenary race to mark the event will take place – so many of our yachts were regular competitors in this race and it would be amazing to have a fleet of classic yachts and launches independently sailing/motoring the course together to what I know will be a wonderful welcome at the Yacht Club.

Following are some details. It sounds like a fun week!

The plan for the race is Classics start Friday 26th March 2021 with a stop over at Mercury Cove.

Restart the race Sat 27th March 2021 and finish A Beacon Tauranga.

All modern yachts start Sat 27th March 2021 and finish at A Beacon without stopping.

We would hope that all the classics and as many of the modern yachts as possible stay over after the race in Tauranga, for the celebrations that will occur the following weekend, the long weekend of Easter.

Berthage can be organised on the Club’s marina so do start thinking about being a part of what promises to be a fabulous Centennial and register your interest with Joyce:

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