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The Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand (Inc.) is an incorporated society formed in 1995 dedicated to:

  • Promoting the ownership, preservation and restoration of classic yachts and launches,
  • Reflecting the significant role harbour and coastal sea craft have played in the development of New Zealand communities,
  • Encouraging the fellowship that grows and exists between all men and women who delight in the pleasure of the sea and craft that sail those seas.

We encourage all Wooden Classic vessels and welcome owners of Launches, Yachts, Modern Classic and Spirit of Tradition vessels and anyone who is interested in historic and classic vessels.

Please read the Classic Vessel Policy

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Enjoy the benefits of becoming a member.

  • Great camaraderie
  • Great racing and cruising including fabulous away events
  • The privilege of having your boat in the Vessel Register

We have different membership options. See below to select which one is the best one for you.

Membership types

Membership Benefits
Full: $90 per year
Veteran: $40 per year
Country: $65 per year
Overseas: $65 per year
Crew: $45 per year
Youth: $10 per year


boat owners/social members


over 70 years old


outside Auckland region


lives outside NZ


boat crew


under 18 years old
$90 per year$40 per year$65 per year$65 per year$45 per year$10 per year
Membership Benefits
Enter racing, cruising and launch series events
Emailed copy of the Classic Yacht Journal
Social events on or off the water
Membership discounts with CYA partners
List items in the classifieds
Classic Vessel Register
List your boat
Complimentary copy of Register
Affiliation to
Yachting New Zealand
Auckland Yachting and Boating Association
Voting Rights
One vote at AGM

Sheerlines includes updates on upcoming social events, races and regattas. With your subscription you'll also receive the CYANZ Journal bi-monthly.


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