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2019 ABD Group Classic Yacht Regatta Results, Videos, and Photos


Overall Winners

Peters & May Trophy - For the best performing yacht overall on handicap: Namu
Col Wild Trophy - For the best performing yacht designer team: Aramoana & Rawhiti (Logan)
Trans-Tasman Trophy - For the best placed Australian sailor: Doug Shields
The American Flag - For the best placed American-designed yacht: Jonquil

Divisional Winners

Division 1 – Classic A Bermudan

Line Honours: Ranger
1st on Handicap: Aramoana
2nd on Handicap: Tawera
3rd on Handicap: Katrina II

Division 2 – Classic A Gaff

Line Honours: Rawhiti
1st on Handicap: Ariki
2nd on Handicap: Rawhiti
3rd on Handicap: Ngatira

Division 3 – Classic B Bermudan

Line Honours: Teal
1st on Handicap: Tucana
2nd on Handicap: Spray II
3rd on Handicap: Tango

Division 4 – Classic B Gaff

Line Honours: Wariki
1st on Handicap: Wairiki
2nd on Handicap: Corona
3rd on Handicap: Arawa

Division 5 – Modern A

Line Honours: Innismara
1st on Handicap: Namu
2nd on Handicap: Innismara
3rd on Handicap: Leda

Full race results

Photos & Videos

Regatta photos

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